Junior Web Developer & Studying NLP

About Me

Hi, my name’s Do Kyung KIM and I’m a junior web developer. As well as developing web, I am also good at communicating with people. I have worked at a number of companies gaining teamwork and leadership skills. I have also had the experience of independently managing a Smart Store. This experience has allowed me to gain valuable skills in business operations, customer service, and marketing strategies. Through this opportunity, I further developed my communication, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities. It was a rewarding experience that enhanced my overall understanding of the e-commerce industry and provided me with valuable insights into running a successful online business.

I am most skilled in: Python and Javascript



Yogidam Site

My first team project

The platform aims to be a location service for smoking areas, with a focus on providing social value. Our goal is to create a platform that helps smokers easily locate designated smoking areas, promoting responsible and considerate smoking practices. By providing accurate and up-to-date information about smoking zones, we aim to enhance public awareness, reduce secondhand smoke exposure, and foster a more harmonious coexistence between smokers and non-smokers.

Math Learning Center Website Built with React

I have built a math learning center website using React and Node.js. This project is a personal undertaking and is currently in progress.




2016 - 2022

Provide search advertising optimization services

As a freelance marketer, I have conducted Naver search advertising and Google Analytics analysis for an English conversation company, deriving insights and formulating advertising strategies.


Yonsei University

BA Computer Science

2022 -

Yonsei University is located in Sinchon, Seoul, South Korea.

While attending university, I have a strong enthusiasm for acquiring new knowledge and gaining hands-on experience through various projects. With a future aspiration of starting my own startup, I have chosen to pursue a minor in Business Administration to complement my studies.

Yonsei University

MS Computer Science

2023 -

Yonsei University is located in Sinchon, Seoul, South Korea.

Currently, I am conducting research on hate speech detection and also have an interest in generative AI research.

A Little More About Me

I enjoy meeting new people and engaging in meaningful conversations. In my free time, I am passionate about maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle through activities like fitness training and playing ice hockey. If you are interested in partnering for a startup, please feel free to reach out to me via email at I am open to discussing potential entrepreneurial opportunities and exploring collaboration possibilities. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Fitness Training
  • Ice Hockey
  • Startup
  • AI